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Family Reading Night, April 27th
5:30 PM

Battle of the Books!
May 3rd 6:00 PM
Come cheer on Elmwood's 5 against
Shady Spring, McCormick, and Red House Run

  • 531 Dale Avenue
  • Baltimore, MD 21206
  • Phone: (410) 887-5232
  • Fax: (410) 887-5233

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Have a GREAt Year!Environmental ClubBuddy room!Ms. Hess 100th dayBrainPopPoster of Earth Day resourcesBlue poster with Earth Day Activities

Have a GREAT Year!

buddy room

Ms. Hess 100th day


Grand prize winner

Poster of Earth Day Activitites

 Mr. Jeff Hogan, Principal           Mr. Jeff Hogan, Principal 

Ms. Barb Lewis Asst. Principal    Ms. Barb Lewis, Asst. Principal


Vision Statement

Elmwood’s school community will create and sustain a climate of deliberate excellence in which contributing members’ maximum potential is realized and nurtured.

Mission Statement

The mission of Elmwood Elementary is to provide a rigorous education for all students.  Each and every individual will have access to high-quality instruction which encompasses 21st Century learning skills in a safe and orderly environment.  Our innovative and responsive programs will develop the academic, physical and social skills necessary to become globally competitive and responsible citizens.