Pre-K, E3s, and E4s
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 Pre-K: Joia Nagy, Ms. Lonnie
        E3s & E4s  and Pre-K: Chris Halliwell

Welcome to Pre-K and E3s,E4s.

Have a fun year meeting new friends and learning new things!

In our Reading program your child will be introduced to letters, sounds, word parts, rhyming words, around 20 sight words and enter into the world of "reading on their own'! Some of the units covered will include, I Am Special, Families, Community Helpers, Transportation, Animals and more.

In our Math program students will be be introduced to matching, counting, number and shape  identification, graphing, patterns and more.

In Science we will use our senses to observe and describe the environment; learn about weather patterns and other fun and interesting things in nature.

Along with the above we look forward to engaging in other exciting activities that you are welcome to join us for!

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Pre Kindergarten Registration