Special Education

             Elmwood provides special education services to students both in and                                                           out of the classroom. 
                   Use the links below to contact our special education team.

blonde female Katie Shaw-MTSS Resource Teacher

blonde female standing  Jenn Wisnom- Special Ed.

blonde haired woman standingLiz Gardner- Special Ed.
Arlene Proto- Special Ed.

brunette haired female Abigail Lofredo- Special Ed.

Hope Buler- Occupational Therapist

Chris Halliwell- Special Ed Inclusion  (IGE 3 and IGE 4 teacher – IGE Preschool for 3s and IGE PreK for the 4s)

 blonde woman standing Stephanie Thrappas- Speech Pathologist

Virginia Holbein - Speech Pathologist Prek-K

  Clair N. Gribben- ESOL/ELL