Class Schedules

Picture of the School mascot- Lighting Lou, the EagleElmwood Library Life

Students will come to the Library once a week for one 50 minute session. During this time, kids will be expected to check out Library books and will be working on BCPS Curriuclum Activities and Lessons. 
**Grades are given each week for students in Grades 1-5. Please check BCPS One regularly to see your students ongoing progress.**

Monday: Ms. Hess, Ms. Jones, Ms. Wasno, Ms. Brade, Ms. Garcia

Tuesday: Ms. O'Hara, Ms. Skroly, Ms. Baldwin, Ms. Everist, Ms. Salts
Wednesday: Ms. Lofredo, Ms. Eyre, Ms. Volk, Ms. Woodall
Thursday: Ms. Cunningham, Ms. Nawrozki, Ms. Conway, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Welly
Friday:Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Salts, Ms. Baity, Ms. Wyatt, Ms. Nawrozki, Ms. Ginesi


Kindergarten & 1st grade- 1 book per week

2nd grade- up to 2 books per week

3rd grade-5thgrade--up to 3 books per week.

Books are expected to be kept in a safe, easily accessed spot in your house or student classroom.
**Fees for damaged and lost books will be assessed on the individual material. Elmwood accepts cash or money orders at this time, and does not currently offer refunds.**