Support Staff

six various colored people figure drawings helping to hold up a sun

Elmwood's support staff fill a variety of rolls, including providing our children with the interventions necessary to maximize success, maintaining a safe & healthy learning environment for all, as well as assisting our faculty.

Front Office, Ms. Sally & Ms. - Please check in at the front office when you arrive at the school.

African American woman with glassesNurse- Ms. Daniels: Our nurse's office is located directly across from the front office in our main lobby.

Building Operations- is located next to the Cafeteria Office in the Kindergarten wing.

blonde haired woman standingSchool Counselor- Our school counselor, Ms. Rodowsky  is here to help students develop positive learning experiences.
Ms. HarmonStaff Development: Ms. Harmon-  Assists in our Elmwood Faculty and in your kids academic success.

African American WomanMath Resource: Ms. Jones- Assists Faculty and students with various math skills.