Math HW Helpers

Math HW Helpers
Posted on 09/17/2015
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Hey Kids – Math Homework Helpers is back LIVE!!

Beginning this Wednesday, October 7th,  4:30 – 5:30 pm on BCPS-TV! Join the fun and give us a call!  


If you need help with your math homework, we are here to help you!  We have fantastic teachers and a CRAZY puppet ready to help you! 

EVERY caller will have the opportunity to spin the prize wheel and win a prize!  Who knows, you might be the next guest spinner or win a pizza party for your math class!


So, don’t forget, if you need help with your math homework, CALL IN, SPIN, and WIN!!!    Get a pencil ready……  at 4:30 today (or tomorrow) tune into BCPS-TV, Comcast channel 73 or Verizon channel 34-and give us a call!   


The phone number to call is:  410-494-1459